About Us

Who are we?

FoS (UK) is a voluntary group, whose members care about Sangam and want to see it grow and thrive. We do this by constantly spreading the word about Sangam, encouraging others to visit – to experience the Sangam spirit for themselves, and by fundraising to support the work and development of Sangam.

How are we organised? 

FoS (UK) has an Executive Committee of nine Trustees (and in addition any co-opted Trustees), each of whom serves for a period of three to six years.  We have a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and President.  Friends of Sangam International and Sangam communicate with the FoS (UK) Chairman, who then passes on the information to the Executive Committee and members.


The current Executive Committee comprises of: Victoria Bagshaw (Chair), Alison Beacom (Secretary), Judith Rowley (Treasurer), Barbara Graham, Gill Shepherd, Susan Westwood, Anne Allery and Hilary Taylor (co-opted).

The current President is Jane Wardropper, and Margaret Horseman is the Vice-President.

What does FoS (UK) do for its members?

All members receive a bi-annual newsletter via email or post which includes updates from Sangam and FoS (UK), information about FoS (UK) events and stories from those who have recently visited Sangam to keep you up to date with life at Sangam.

All members are also invited to an annual gathering at which the AGM is held. This is held in the Autumn in a different location each time across the UK. There is often an Indian feast, Indian themed activities and often activity days are organised for younger Girlguiding members to come and visit and take part and learn more about Sangam and India in fun and creative ways.

FoS (UK) and Friends of Sangam Youth visits are organised to Sangam, and help and advice can also be provided to other individuals or groups who are planning a trip.

In addition, by being a member you are directly supporting Sangam in its development and enabling other members of WAGGGS to share in the Sangam Spirit. You may also wish to be involved in fundraising, encouraging interest in Sangam or publicising and sharing information about Sangam’s programmes, events and work and volunteering opportunities.  If you are interested in being a member, please visit our membership page.